Titan Revenge - Event - Spring Campaign - Wish
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1. Use 50 Ambers to hunt treasure once, purchasethe pack to enjoy discount.

2.The 8 rewards in the lower left red box and Shard6 are the grand prizes of the lucky draw.After 150hunt, there is a chance to get a grand prize, and youwill surely get one of the grand prizes in 220 hunts.3.The more times you draw the grand prize, thehigher the probability of getting the Shard 6, andthe grand prize of the 16th draw will definitely be

Shard 6.Once t is drawn , the count will be cleared.4.Collect the 6 shards to exchange the limiteddragon: Ageless Monarch

5.You can get 1 point(Firecracker) every treasurehunt, and you can exchange them for items in thevalentine Exchange


1: Grand prize: 0.75%%

2: Shard 1-5:7.5%

3.Valentine Card Pack, Sweet Valentine Card Pack:4%

4:Dragon Crest and Phoenix Crest: 10%

5.ATK Gem, HP Gem: 15%

6. World/Golden/Solo Boss Challenge Token: 10%

7: Mount/Wings Essence, Wings Heirloom Essence10%

8. Thunder Forging Stone: 5%

9: 2D skin: 8%

10.Growth Materials: 29.75%