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Ride a Mount to travel faster and get attribute boosts. Amazing potential power to be unlock! Train them to awaken super skills, ride on and dominate all!坐骑图标.jpg坐骑快捷键.jpg


1. Ride Mount

You can find your Mounts via the system icon in the lower right corner of the interface. Click the "Ridebutton (shortcut key "A) to mount or dismount.

2. Mount Rank

Promote Mount for a massive BR boost and unlock Mount Skill slots.

Change the Mount appearance via Reshape, and the attributes will not be changed.

Mount Promotion boosts the character attributes.

These attributes and skills are still active even if you don't ride a Mount.

3. Mount Skill

The first mount skill unlocks at R3, and more will unlock as the rank up, up to 4 skills. There is a certain chance to trigger these skills in combat, and multiple skills can be triggered at the same time.


4. Mount Equipment

Mount equipment is divided into Saddle, Stirrup, Rein and Ironhoof. The equipment directly increases Mount attributes and affects player attributes.

5. Mount Promotion


Promotion costs Mount Stones.


Promote and Auto Promote are available.

You can promote a Mount manually as long as you have enough materials.

Auto Promote automatically promotes the Mount until all Mount Stones are used or it is stopped manually.

6. Rank Up

When the Promotion EXP is full (10-star), the rank will up in the next promotion action.