Titan Revenge - Guide - Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day Event

1. There are two card packs:

 Valentine Card Pack (Lv.1 card x5)

 Sweet Valentine Card Pack (Lv.1 card x15)


2. Where to get card packs:

World Boss: 30 low-level card packs every day, refreshed after 00:00

Golden Boss: 7 high-level card packs every day, refreshed after 00:00

Solo Boss: 3 high-level card packs every day, refreshed after 00:00

Valentine Exchange Quest

Valentine Wishes


3. Click the two buttons in the lower right corner of the event homepage to open the card packs

4. Collect points to receive the milestone rewards


Collection Book:

1. The cards collected can be upgraded or recycled in Collection Book

2. There are 30 Valentine cards, and they can be graded as

Not activated: 0 points

Silver: 10 points

Gold: 30 points

Diamond: 50 points

Amethyst: 65 points

Agate: 70 points

3. The player points are the total points of 30 cards, and the card points only calculate the highest level points of the card. Unsynthesized level 1 cards are not counted, and the lower right corner of the card is the unsynthesized level 1 card of the card

 (Silver) Lv.1-2: Lv.1 card x12

 (Gold) Lv.1-2: Lv.1 card x25

 (Diamond) Lv.2-3: Lv.1 card x45

 (Amethyst) Lv.3-4: Lv.1 card x69

 (Agate) Lv.4-5:  Lv.1 card x88

4. the Quick Upgrade and the Quick Recycle buttons are in the upper left corner

 Quick Upgrade: consumes all level 1 cards of this card and upgrades it to the max level

 Quick Recycle: when the card reaches the max level, the extra level 1 cards can be recycled into Valentine Shards

 Card No. 1-6: Valentine Shard-Back

 Card No. 7-12: Valentine Shard-Scale

 Card No. 13-18: Valentine Shard-Claw

 Card No. 19-24: Valentine Shard-Body

 Card No. 25-30: Valentine Shard-Head

Collection Ranking:

1. Players are ranked by the Collection Book points

2. The earlier achievers are ranked higher

3. The ranking reward will be sent according to the final rank