Titan Revenge - Guide - Double Escort
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Double Escort

How to Join

Double Escort is available daily. Click the "Join" button during the event time to teleport to the Escort Agent, or click "Event Center" "Double Escort" at the top right of the interface. You can also visit the main city to find the NPC.




1. You can consume "Royal Jewelry" to improve the quality of the princess. The qualities from low to high are: Unommon, Fine, Epic and Legendary. If it fails to improve the quality, you will receive Lucky Energy. You can also consume Ambers to get the highest quality.


2. Click "Escort" to escort the princess when you get your desired quality.


3. During the Escort, information and functions will be displayed in the center of the interface.


4. When the character is separated from the princess for a certain distance, the princess will stop moving. You can click the Escort icon to find the princess. You can also ask for help or a blessing during the journey.




5. The Double Escort duration is 15 minutes.

6. There will be extra rewards after refreshing and obtaining the highest quality princess.

7. Double Escort (15:30-15:45, 21:00-21:15) offers double rewards.

8. Escort the Princess is open all day. If you miss the double reward time, you can still receive rewards.