Titan Revenge - Guide - Valhalla
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Open Panel

Valhalla is available daily. Click the "Joinbutton during the event time to open the panel.


You can also open it via Battleground Center - Valhalla at the top right of the screen.


1. Click "Enter Battleground" in the panel to enter the battlefield.

2. Event Time: 19:30 - 19:45

2. Level Required:  Lv.122 +

4. After the event starts, you can sign up through the event panel for unlimited times.

Battleground Details

1. There are 9 floors in total, get to the top for the Martyrs Treasure.

2. Defeat other players to go up and get the floor rewards.

3. Players are rewarded based on their kill ranking.

4. Players can re-enter after being disconnected or exit, and their progress will not be cleared.