Christmas has come (slightly) early for fans of epic browser-based MMORPGs! Titan Revenge is the latest game to land on Game Hollywood Games and R2 Games, and it looks like an absolute blast. 

Available today on Game Hollywood Games and R2 Games, Titan Revenge is a 3D hack-and-slash romp through a Norse mythology-inspired fantasy universe riven by cosmic war between gods and giants. 

Placing you in the sturdy leather boots of Odin’s daughter, Titan Revenge sees you dealing with political intrigues, celestial mysteries, and a whole lot of bloody combat. 

And you’ll have to be a diplomat as well as a warrior, uniting powers and thwarting machinations as you attempt to restore peace to the realm.

As befits a game on this celestial scale, Titan Revenge is absolutely packed with stuff to do and collect.

For instance, as you advance your class you’ll unlock additional equipment slots and equipment sets. Every single item of equipment can be polished, enhanced, and strengthened, while completed sets can take on exclusive attributes.

There are hundreds of skins, too, allowing you to dress up your character, mounts, pets, and more in your own inimitable style. And you can put on the Hagios and Necro Barrier. We don’t know what they are exactly, but they sound formidable. 

Unlike a lot of free-to-play MMORPGs, Titan Revenge boasts an unfailingly generous drop rate, with Superb equipment falling into your lap at regular intervals. Meanwhile, the game’s unique Boss mechanic lets you hoover up extra loot by killing more bosses. 

And there’s even more loot on the table, in the form of skins and equipment, for completing VIP quests and main quests.

Another thing we like about Titan Revenge is that it has an environmentally responsible attitude to repeated equipment. Low-end items are recycled for in-game currency, while high-end duplicates can be consumed to increase the success rate of Superb Promotion.

There’s a whole lot more to discover, including multiple battle modes, a compelling story, an Ethereal skill-unlocking system, and rich social features. 

To get started, head to Game Hollywood Games or R2 Games and sign up. Make sure you check our the game’s fan page and the main Game Hollywood site too. The game will arrive on Esprit Games & Kongregate later too.

By Gamezebo