Titan Revenge - FAQ & Tips
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FAQ (written by GM BlueSparrow):

Q: Is ALN auction an auction only for your alliance or is it for all alliances on the server?

A: It is just for the alliance you are in. Each alliance will get the items to bid on after each alliance boss is over and will last for 60 minutes for most items in the auction.

Q: What browser can play smooth with no lag ?

A: Any browser should play the game. However, lag is caused by a lot of different variables. Make sure your machine has a decent amount of RAM and your connection is stable. A wired connection will generally perform better than one over wi-fi.

Q: Can you play on mobile?

A: You can play on mobile using a mobile browser and logging into your GHG account. However, unless your mobile device has a significant amount of RAM, it will not work properly or to your expectations. 


- There will be unexpected effects when all the Equipment equipped reach the required Enhancement level.

- Log in every day for rare rewards!

- Sign in every day for a lot of rewards!

- Free Diamonds will be available in Welfare when your cumulative online time reaches the requirement.

- Increases the Ethereal level to gain permanent attributes.

- There is a wide variety of Ethereal Skills. Choose them according to your own needs.

- Check out the leading players of the server in Rankings.

- Complete the Main Quests to level up your character and unlock more features.

- Complete the Demon Hunt Quests, Alliance Quests, and Bounty Quests for a lot of EXP and rewards.

- Invite the players nearby for more AFK EXP.

- Upgrade your Alliance to expand its member capacity.

- Join an Alliance for extra daily rewards.

- Complete Main Quests to unlock your new looks!

- Participate in Escort to get a lot of Diamonds! Double your rewards in 2x Escort!

- If the game freezes,  click [Unfreeze] on the [Settings] page.

- When you have something that can be upgraded, a red dot will appear.