Titan Revenge - Tips
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Note: There will be unexpected effects when all the Equipment equipped reach the required Enhancement level.

Note: Log in every day for rare rewards!

Note: Sign in every day for a lot of rewards!

Note: Free Diamonds will be available in Welfare when your cumulative online time reaches the requirement.

Note: Increases the Ethereal level to gain permanent attributes.

Note: There is a wide variety of Ethereal Skills. Choose them according to your own needs.

Note: Check out the leading players of the server in Rankings.

Note: Complete the Main Quests to level up your character and unlock more features.

Note: Complete the Demon Hunt Quests, Alliance Quests, and Bounty Quests for a lot of EXP and rewards.

Note: Invite the players nearby for more AFK EXP.

Note: Upgrade your Alliance to expand its member capacity.

Note: Join an Alliance for extra daily rewards.

Note: Complete Main Quests to unlock your new looks!

Note: Participate in Escort to get a lot of Diamonds! Double your rewards in 2x Escort!

Note: If the game freezes,  click [Unfreeze] on the [Settings] page.

Note: When you have something that can be upgraded, a red dot will appear.